All Saints Clifton Church


In June 2009 a reprint of the Church Guide first produced by the Reverend Peter Pavey MA in 2009 was produced and a copy of is published here: Guide2011. For a printed copy please apply to the Rector

The Organ

Ken Smith has lindly provided two very interesting historical documents about our organs. The first covers the period from 1832 to 1886 when the original organ was transfered to St Mary Lower Gravenhurst Here..... and the second from 1886 to 2016 recording our current Henry Willis organ Here......


In September 2013 a quinquennial inspection for the Church fabric was carried out by the levitt Partnership and a copy of their findings is published here: Quinquennial2013.

All Saints Clifton Churchyards

Registers of Burials

All except the current volume are in the County Record Office, Bedford.

The Old Churchyard (Memorials & Inscriptions)

It is impossible to identify graves not marked by a monument and consequently no details are available on this web site.  Some limited information is held manually in the Church.

The New Churchyard (Plan of Churchyard)

This web site contains details of burials since 1923 together with those that have been identified from a monument or gravestone.

Graves are listed in alphabetic sequence and their location identified by a Section reference and a grave number.  The layout of the sections can be viewed on the Churchyard Plan.

Sections A to J contain graves.  A plan of each area can be found here: (A) (B) (C) (D) (E) (F) (G) (H) (H Extension) (J) (K)

Sections R and GR are reserved for the burial of Ashes.            Some Ashes have been buried in the Garden of Remembrance in the Old Churchyard.  

A new Garden of Remembrance was created in 2008 together will a wall on which plaques may be placed.  This is recorded under reference WR.

A searchable list of all grave spaces can be found here: (Searchable List)


These are listed by Grave number within Section.

Abbreviations (Abreviations)

A list of the abbreviations used is shown on a separate page.

Contributions to the Maintenance of the Churchyards

The Old Churchyard is maintained by volunteer members of the Church congregation.
The New Churchyard is maintained by a sub-contractor.

Maintenance costs are borne by members of the Church congregation through the P.C.C. together with an annual support grant from Clifton Parish Council.

Burial Date

This is taken from the Register of Graves of the New Churchyard and from the Burial Registers in All Saints, Clifton.

The Burial Register number

This is taken from the current Burial Register.

The Registration details

Are obtained from a certificate issued by the Registrar of Deaths after registration or from a Coroner's certificate.

Managing our churchyard in a wildlife-friendly way

The PCC are committed to maintaining the churchyard in the best possible way making it user and eco-friendly for the community and visitors. See how we do it Here..... and Here..... Do come and enjoy the serenity and learn about Clifton's history.